Life coaching provides an opportunity for individuals to reach their utmost potential and lead a more fulfilling life. In comparison with psychotherapy, life coaching focuses primarily on current concerns and does not involve mental health diagnoses, whereas psychotherapy tends to address current and past issues in more depth, while supporting individuals’ strengths, to ultimately heal and recover. For example, life coaching may be beneficial for managing life transitions, improving self-care, turning dreams into reality, getting “unstuck,” achieving better work-life balance, and more. In order to achieve life coaching goals, a collaborative partnership and a safe and creative space facilitate an atmosphere of empowerment and self-discovery. To further meet your needs, life coaching services are offered in-person, by telephone, or by video conferencing locally, nationally, and internationally.


In a nutshell, you are an artist capable of creating a full and gratifying life and I’m here with a toolkit filled with possibilities, inspiration, and hope to help you find the next steps in your journey.